Stork card


Cool gender neutral congratulatory card for a birth of a child. A beautiful original illustration that can be sent with birth of a baby (boy or girl). You can, of course, also put the card with a gift that you give at a babyshower our when you visit the newborn.

The card was designed by me and printed in a small amount. I have drawn the illustration by hand (watercolor). Then I finished the drawing on the computer. The card is printed on nice thick textured paper: Tinteretto Gesso, 350 grams. The size of this card is A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm), which is the same as the standard postcard.

On the back there are indicated in color lines for the name, the address and the place of residence and a nice illustration. There is also room for a stamp and of course a nice message for the recipient. You can buy the card in my etsy shop.