Bee-eater bird


About the bird: Bee-eaters (Meropidae) are a family that counts 26 species divided into three genera. Beekeepers are all beautifully colored, slender and graceful birds. Beekeepers have almost all elongated middle tailpins, a slender, bent beak and pointed wings, making them look like big swallows. The breeding grounds of this bird are located in southwest Europe, eastern and central europe, central and eastern Asia, small asia and north west africa. In Portugal, Spain and Bulgaria, the largest numbers are found.

This is a A4 poster of this bird, perfect for more color in a nursery or in your sleeping or living room. Dare to give color to your environment!

The illustration has been drawn by me and processed digitally. I mainly use watercolor, pen and pencil. Do you want this poster on your wall? You can buy in in my shop.